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About PMP

Partner in Precision

PMP Lichtenvoorde BV is your special partner when you are looking for ultra-precision components: amazing feats of engineering that make a valuable contribution to creating reliable and high quality end-products. And also when you are looking for an experienced business partner capable of discussing your requirements at high level and collaborating intensively with you.

Broad specialisation

Since 1998, we have delivered products of the very highest quality to the

following high-tech markets:

  • Semi-conductor industry

  • Optical industry

  • Medical industry

  • Analysis industry

  • Aerospace industry

  • Defence industry

We come up with creative solutions for complex challenges and produce small and medium-sized production runs accurately and professionally. In ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other materials. All within a maximum envelope of 2000 x 800 mm for 3-axis machining and a 630 mm cube for 5-axis machining.


Temperature-controlled production facility, ultra-modern equipment and professional expertise at the highest level. These are the tools we use for fulfilling orders to incredibly accurate tolerances. We continually succeed in raising the bar even higher in the belief that we have once again found the ultimate challenge. Our passion for perfection is based on these ingredients. Tolerances in the micron range and service roughness values of 0.04 Ra (milled) are the rule rather than the exception. Many of our customers are astounded by the results we achieve.

Process management and cutting-edge technology

Your requirements in terms of shape and spatial tolerances, flatness and parallelism are our daily challenges. Micro milling and milling to produce a mirror finish are specialities that we master in all aspects. At PMP this extreme level of quality is standard, due mainly to the high degree of process control and use of cutting-edge technology. The ability to eliminate even the most miniscule of imperfections and exclude chance deviations makes PMP your most reliable partner for precision parts. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide excellent advice in your quest to reduce costs and improve your processes.

Measurement eliminates guesswork

At your request, we check your products in our ultramodern inspection room and publish the results in the form of official inspection reports. We work with a 3D Zeiss Accura measuring machine, the  undisputed leader in metrology equipment. It ensures accuracy and continuity at the very highest level.

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