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Quality Assurance

Delivering high-quality services and products is absolutely essential nowadays.

PMP has a proven track record for the continuous supply of premium products.

Due to its highly trained, skilled professionals, its high quality machines and its

Zeiss 3D measuring machine, PMP is able to excel at such an unprecedented





​The quality of our products and processes are continuously checked and

monitored. The Quality System of PMP is according the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Furthermore we work in accordance with the AQAP 2120 and AS 9100 guidelines.

Measuring Room

The measuring room comprises the heart of our quality care system. Our 3D measuring machine from Zeiss is considered to be the best equipment worldwide. Reliable measuring equipment is an absolute must when you are working with customers in the high tech industry. Customers must be able to fully rely on the quality of our precision parts. Accordingly, PMP has left absolutely nothing to chance. Each product that leaves our production facility is totally and thoroughly controlled.

Our measuring technician is Aukom 1 & 2 certified. PMP guarantees the quality of its products. Click here for the Aukom 1 & Aukom 2 Certificate

PMP not only monitors its own products, but also offers the option of measuring your products.

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