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Mission / Vision


PMP Lichtenvoorde BV is a flexible and innovative “Partner in Precision”,

specialising in the manufacture of high precision and complex mechanical

parts for the high tech industry.

Our passionate staff and state-of-the-art production facility enables us to

excel in the supply of ultimate perfection to our customers.


To be at the forefront in supplying added value to the customer by always

being technologically “One step Ahead”.

To satisfy the passion and ambitions of our staff in terms of personal


To be pro-active regarding the changing needs of the chain, while translating

these needs into high precision customer solutions.

To be a reliable and innovative “Partner in Precision” with an extremely high

level of quality and knowledge.


Passion, creativity and knowledge are the cornerstones of our innovative


This means we creatively and openly engross ourselves in the requirements

and wishes of customers to arrive at the optimum production strategy.

In our role as a partner, we focus on strategic collaboration with our customers.

Our core values are: mutual trust and achieving a win-win situation.

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